Padir Karan Arsham (PKA) construction company has started its activities in the field of façade treatment of high rise buildings throughout the country (IRAN) from 1986 under the brand of "Orang nama".

Then in 1997 with upgrading the quality and quantity of its under execution projects under the Name of "Padir Karan Shayan" and by using Modern engineering it developed its activities in Constructing Sport Complexes, sauna, pools, landscapes,… which in this route by Making communication with European countries and visiting civil projects in Netherlands, Belgium and France transmitted Some Modern technologies into the Country (IRAN).

Finally in 2003 under its New Name (Padir Karan Arsham) Register No: 218411 with acquiring exclusive agency From Sky Man International N.V the Belgian Company in the Field of designing, manufacturing and installation of access equipment and suspended platform for high rise buildings, bridges, dams and Oil Storages this company Could import Modern facilities, science and work Solutions with high standards to IRAN construction industry and tries to update all techniques in this direction.

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